Center Parcs

Center Parcs UK is a short-break holiday company that operates five holiday villages in England, with each covering about 400 acres of woodland. There are over 4000 lodges across the 5 villages with an impressive occupancy of 97.6%.

The Brief

How do Center Parcs use food and beverage to drive growth in revenue and improve guest satisfaction?

Our Approach

Based on a firm foundation of secondary research, elliotts undertook significant primary research and then used our industry knowledge to recommend branded restaurant partnerships and created a food strategy and brief for internal food development teams.

The Results

The research conducted by elliotts was used to inform all elements of Center Parcs F&B strategy for the next five years. Center Parcs reported like-for-like sales growth which was significantly ahead of budget, forecasts and indeed market performance.


“Elliotts worked with the Center Parc’s team to develop their food strategy. This delivered ‘like for like’ sales growth of over 6% - which was significantly ahead of budget, forecasts and  market performance I have really enjoyed working with Ann and her team. They are great to work with and have helped deliver over 4% LFL revenue growth.”

Eddie McAdam | Group Food & Beverage Manager | Center Parcs